February 26, 2007
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Whatever happened to the new NHL?

How long has it been since we've had a good old piss on your shoe showdown, the likes of what happened in Buffalo and Ottawa this past week? Too long. For those of you living in Siberia or watching too much PBS, here's a quick recap.

Thursday night, someone drills Buffalo Sabres star Chris Drury, and in response Coach Lindy Ruff (or is that rough) sends out his goons to hunt down anything in red and black. Stars are definitely preferred.

A melee ensues.

It's like the old style WWF, but more legitimate, because it's the NHL. Everyone matches up, including the goalies. It's a good venting of hmmm, lets see excess testosterone.

Buffalo's goon (Peters) goes after Ottawa goalie Emery. Wait a second? What the hell happened to the code? When does it become right for a goon to go after a goalie (and I don't care how tough Emery presents himself, he is at a distinct disadvantage with 40 lbs of additional hockey equipment.) But I guess this is the new NHL.

Who was right?

Who was wrong?

The Ottawa player for hitting Drury , Lindy for responding?

At least the little blonde headed mop top gets what he deserves, a $10,000 dollar fine for inciting his charges to beat up the unsuspecting Senator goalie. Days pass. Bullshit ensues, invective swirls.

"We're gonna get you back, that's for sure"

Wait a sec! Isn't this exactly what happened in the Bertuzzi-Moore affair? The threatening of retaliation because, well, its's part of the code.

Friday and Saturday's papers are filled with talk of the showdown. Murphy brings goon McGrattan out of mothballs for the big event.

Hey wait a sec! I thought this shit was banned. What's Gary Bettman have to say about this? Bettman, who reminds me of Major Major in Catch 22. Trying his hardest to hide under the desk until the shit blows over says nothing. No wait -

"Send Colly to look into it"

So here we go, the biggest match of the year and the CBC carries the Philly-Toronto match. Good for them for not giving into the sensationalism. However, since I don't have the NHL package, a few more updates would have been nice.

Remarkably enough the game is delivered as promised and is relatively exciting. There's lots of scoring. Writers and commentators have plenty to write about. And thank God no one got killed.

Sure the NHL can use a little energy this year. But have they taken a major step backe with this Thrill in Manilla debacle?

Hey Gary, can you say Bertuzzi? You've been squeaky clean so far, I 'm just hoping this one bites you in the ass! What's it gonna take to ban fighting completely. Or better still, lets start throwing out the coaches who don't know how to control their charges.

Over to you Gary.

Check out the fight on You Tube here:



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