February 22, 2006
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And now, the end is near...

Torino, Italy - Wayne Gretzky, Kevin Lowe and Pat Quinn were arrested yesterday and put in a Torino jail, charged with malicious property damage.

"We were just checking the density of the ice" said Gretzky "man, they got strict rules here"

Gretzky and company were caught by Olympic officials, digging a hole at center ice in the Esposizioni arena, site of today's Russia vs. Canada quarter final

"Ice density is very important" said Quinn. "We don't want our guys hurting themselves on thin ice"

When asked about the rather large quantity of Canadian loonies the three men held between them, Lowe had this to say:

"When you travel you tend to gather a lot of change..."

Okay Wayne I'm making it up. It's a joke. You're not going to jail, so don't sue me.

But I have to believe that the Canadian hockey executive is looking for any kind of edge after such a dreadful preliminary round. Whether it be loonies or line changes, the Canadian team needs something.

And I realize they didn't let us put a loonie at center ice, but let's try something else. How about some of Red Kelly's pyramids. No? Roger's towels? Something, anything! Okay, I know I'm sounding desperate but...

It's been a long week for Canadian Hockey. What with th "Betzky" affair and the Canadian teams' inability to beat supposedly inferior opponents. I've got this sinking feeling that I won't be getting up early on Sunday morning to watch any hockey.

And yes, after such high hopes, this team was suppose to be better than the 2002 version. But with injuries and sub par play, it doesn't look like they're going to get past this first game. I hope I'm wrong, but I think the Canadians will have to play above and beyond just to stay with the Russians today.

So what's the problem?

It seems like the team has never jelled and just never come together. The defense is suspect, and the forwards seem unable to get anywhere near the net. In the wake of the European onslaught the boys look big and slow. Both Finland and the Czechs looked like they had gears in their repertoire that the Canadians had never seen before.

There was a ray of hope yesterday after the Czech win, especially with the play of the Tampa line, but they fell back on old habits in the second and looked out-classed in the third.

I personally think it's the black uniforms. There's just something so un-Canadian about it. Here's hoping they come out in Red. And if they don't, what will it take to win?

Grit, determination, and a thousand loonies at centre ice. Maybe I should stop being so Canadian and just accept that we aren't good enough for this one, and build for the next.

What will it take to win next time. Youth, defense, loonies in all the face off circles? The Russians seemed to have made a commitment to youth with Ovechkin, next time we should bring Crosby and Phaneuf.

And in the end, loonie or no loonie, will Wayne do a mea culpa and finally move on? Has the coaching triumvirate of Quinn, Hitchcock and Martin mis-placed the magic.

I'm wishing, but I'm not so hopeful (and hoping I'm wrong) Go Canada Go!





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